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Boro Construction is a general construction firm founded in 1974, specializing in the construction and renovations of federal, state, and municipal buildings and property.  We currently perform over 50% of all work on our contracts with a specialized labor force of over 230 workmen.  Boro’ workforce generally performs all excavation, concrete, masonry, carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work.   This not only offers us a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but also, allows for all critical coordination between trades to occur in house, and allows us to accumulate relevant scheduling data more quickly and efficiently, which translates in a more accurate project schedule at an earlier date.

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Latest Project

Army Aviation Support Facility

Boro Construction has teamed with Senate Builders for the Construction of a new Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) for the New Jersey Army National Guard at Joint Base MDL, Lakehurst, New Jersey. The project includes construction of a new complete and fully functional modern Army Aviation Complex where maintenance, flight operations, flight line services, administration, and both ground […]


Boro Construction is a large business located in Southeastern Pennsylvania and performs general construction work for a number of different markets in the public sector of the construction industry.  We normally perform 25% of our work for federally funded projects that require SBA goals and participation.  We are committed to an active and aggressive outreach […]