County of Chester New Justice CenterChester County, Pennsylvania

Chester County Justice Center

Project Disciplines

  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection
  • Mechanical

The new construction of a 410,000 square foot, 8-story, state of the art Justice Center.  Boro Construction was awarded two prime contracts to perform the Electrical and HVAC work on this project.  The HVAC Contract totaled $9,611,769.00 and the Electrical Contract totaled $12,755,269.00.

The HVAC System consisted of four (4) field-fabricated air handling units composed of heating and cooling coils and steam humidification serving 8 floors of a Criminal Justice Center.  Heating was obtained with two (2) 1.2 million BTU water tube boilers, with primary pumping system expansion tanks and air separators.  Steam humidification was provided with a 3,700 lb/hr steam boiler with a boiler feed-water system.  Cooling was provided with two (2) 600-ton chillers and two (2) 700-ton open system cooling towers with primary pumping system, expansion tanks and air separator.  It also had a secondary system for water-cooled air conditioning units, serving the telecom rooms.  The variable air volume system consisted of over 550 reheat VAV boxes, ductwork, and diffusers, and was controlled by a central DDC System.

The electrical portionof the project consisted of supplying and installing a 34.5KV 3o service from the public utility pole into a main 34.5KV line up switches which supplied three separate unit substations that transformed down to 480Y/277V 3o 4W and; 1-A 750KW Emergency diesel power Generator system consisting of 1-400A copper bus-duct traveling up seven stories, 7-480Y/277V to 110/220V 3o dry transformers and 14 electric panels; 4 additional 3-phase copper bus-duct runs traveling up to all eight floors, 2 – 400A, 1 – 200A, 1 – 2500A supplying 33 dry transformers and 67 panels to supply power to a total of 20 courtrooms, 12 hearing rooms, 35 holding cells, Judges Chambers, Sheriffs, Clerks, Attorneys, and Secretarial office spaces.  The project also required a new and complex security system consisting of, but not limited to, 137 surveillance cameras, 50 TV monitors, 400 panic buttons, 120 card-access locations, entrance x-ray equipment for visitors and their belongings, watchmen tour and interior cell phone transmission relay and roof antenna system.  Complete fire alarm and elevator recall, special audio/visual sound and CCTV Systems for each courtroom, CATV antenna and a GPS controlled clock system.

Project Details

County of Chester
Don Thompson
14 East Biddle Street, West Chester PA 19380
Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects
425 McFarlan Road, Kennett Square PA 19348
June 2007