Boro Construction is a commercial construction firm that specializes in public works projects for Municipal, State, and Federal projects.  Boro brings together a management team committed to providing construction services which join together experienced technical personnel, employing the latest in construction management technology, to organize and coordinate project activities from the pre-construction phase to post construction commissioning of the facility.

Boro has over 30 years experience in the construction of building specialty facilities, using its own company employees and equipment to complete excavation, concrete, masonry, carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical aspects of the work.

The business model for Boro is based on the self-performance of large portionsof the work.  The philosophy of Boro Construction is that by self-performing the major critical aspects of the construction, we can control and guarantee performance to meet the most aggressive schedule and maintain good quality control.

Our GENERAL CONSTRUCTION DIVISION performs earthwork, structural concrete, concrete flatwork, masonry, stone work, and general carpentry.  Boro Construction owns and operates its own excavation equipment, including backhoes, trackhoes, and front end loaders.  All our operators are trained and certified for use of this equipment.

Our MASONRY DIVISION performs all types of commercial masonry and stone contracts, including cast stone, limestone, brickwork, and Architectural CMU.  Boro has been doing our own masonry work since 1985.

The MECHANICAL DIVISION of Boro Construction installs all of their own HVAC equipment, piping systems and ductwork, including duct layout, coordination, fabrication, and installation.

Our ELECTRICAL DIVISION performs all interior and exterior lighting work, installation of cable tray, switchgear, high voltage/transformers, emergency generators, fire protection, security systems, CCTV, teledata systems, and lighting control systems.  Over the years, we have also installed specialty systems such as Nurse Call, Rescue Assist, Patient Wandering, and Prison Call Systems.